Homeowners Insurance & Renter’s Insurance

Coverage for your home, apartment or condo in case of fire, theft of property, if someone gets injured on your property, to help cover home repairs, or if you need temporary housing after a claim.

Damage to Your Home

Your Homeowner’s insurance should anticipate wildfires (which are now and expectation more than an exception), as well as damage from ice, wind, hail, burst pipes, lightning and more.

Personal Property

Homeowner’s and Renter’s insurance both cover your personal property within the home as well as things stored outside the home, such as storage units.

Vandalism and Liability

Even if the damage is caused by a person,  or if the injury is done to a person, you’re covered. Your insurance should also cover a broken window from your neighbor’s baseball and stolen items.

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As licensed insurance agents, we guide you through the process of choosing a policy, filing a claim and helping you avoid detrimental decisions that could hurt you in the long term. One of our clients came to us after being with another company for 15 years, being told to file two tiny claims, and having her policy cancelled because of that.

We educate you on the potential consequences of your choices, based on our vast experience. Had that client had it explained that Homeowner’s insurance is primarily for catastrophic events, she would have saved time and money and not had her policy cancelled. We take your wellbeing seriously and make sure you understand your options for the best course of action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between home insurance and renter's insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance takes care of damage to the home itself, caused often by natural disasters. When you rent, the home itself is insured by the landlord and your Renter’s insurance covers your personal property inside the home.

Are there any unusual situations I should be aware of before choosing a policy?

Given the extensive rain in Oregon, water damage is always top of mind. Things like sump pump failure may not be covered under your policy and could require additional coverage. We are happy to answer in more detail based on your unique situation.

Do I have to get renter’s insurance if my roommate has it?

Yes. In case of damage, theft, vandalism or injury, each person that lives in the home could be liable for a percentage of damage. Plus, your personal property is not covered by your roommate’s insurance.

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